Water resources are common reasons behind most of the conflicts and wars among human beings. The old wars among the pastoral tribes were over water. As studies have shown that conflicts over water between nations may occur in the near future.

Somalia is suffering from a severe crisis in the water, where the majority of people in the villages and cities do not have access to water. and Somalia is among the African countries most affected by the water in spite of the sing in the stocks of water.

Program Objectives

  1. Provide access to safe drinking water, sanitation and sound hygiene promotion services for populations affected by the drought
  2. Increase access to sustainable water and sanitation services to reach the most vulnerable targeted areas and population.
  3. Improving existing water supply functionality will have a relatively higher impact on safe water access for women and children than investment in construction of new water supplies.
  4. New water supply constructions in rural areas
  5. Increase access to sustainable water to toilets at schools, clinics and other public places these will help women from managing their menstruation hygienically, in privacy and with dignity, resulting in positive health impacts and perpetuating equalities.