Somalia is a country hit by both war as well as natural disasters. Apart from the conflicts, almost every year there are floods occurring in the areas we work in and at the same time droughts can occur, heavily affecting the livelihoods of agro pastoralists.

Program Objective

  • Encouraging entrepreneurial skills in young people and Particular attention should be given to reach disadvantaged and unskilled young adults with a specific focus on local and regional levels
  • Developing a strong focus on social entrepreneurship to ensure that all young people have a concrete entrepreneurial experience. With a stronger focus on entrepreneurship for the youth can play a greater role in connecting young people with the local community, including social enterprise and business, thus enhancing their opportunities to find a job, or to start their own project?
  • Develop concrete tools (self-assessment guidelines, diary of skills; nonformal credits acquired) to enable young people to present and prove their entrepreneurial and creative competences developed through social activities such as social work, hobbies and voluntary activities. This would help young people, for example when having a job interview, while assisting teachers and youth workers to assess the effectiveness of entrepreneurial programmes in education.
  • Acquire skills of identification of potential women entrepreneurs and learn designing and conducting enterprise development motivation training for them
  • To improve women’s access to economic resources (e.g., access to credit and savings programs).
  • Supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship by Spreading knowledge about how to set up and operate businesses will be quite a step towards a more independent and less unemployed youth.
  • Empowerment of women through expansion and strengthening of the self-help group movement among women in communities and identification of new livelihood opportunities.
  • Examine the processes of Gender inequality and their dis-functionality affecting the participation of women in micro enterprises.
  • Develop gender sensitivity vis-à-vis participation of women in social entrepreneurship