Improve availability of and access to health care services for IDPs and host communities, with a special focus on vulnerable groups such as women and children, through mobile clinics or strengthening of existing services, as well as through the promotion of health behavior

Program objectives

  1. Improved access to quality primary health care services with fully developed
  2. Supply basic medicines and essential equipment
  3. Reinforce basic minimal package with an emphasis on the treatment of malaria and Rehabilitate health infrastructure
  4. Train and motivate health personnel (diagnosis and rational drug use)
  5. Address the emergency health needs with special focus  on vulnerable groups such as women , children , age people
  6. Implement hygiene and sanitation activities in target health facilities to meet basic hygienic
  7. Reinforce Community and strengthened with health education and dissemination of valid and informed health information  health information system
  8. Support better nutritional status among populations in the affected areas
  9. Promote suitable infant and young child feeding practices.
  10. Initiate community-based nutrition measures, to access vulnerable populations to emergency nutrition response.
  11. To assess the impact of nutritional interventions to reduce stunting in children
  12. Objectives of the programmes the overall goal is to address the causes of malnutrion reduce malnutrition in Somalia and to improve the nutritional status of the vulnerable population particularly of young children, women, and adolescent girls, age people.