Endless and aimless fights in Mogadishu have caused massive exodus of innocent people mainly women and children to the outskirts of Mogadishu seeking for a more secure environment. These people mostly end up in IDP camps.

The majority of the fleeing women and children tend to head to Afgoi, , Jowhar, Belet weyne,Puntland and Kismayo where they face more harsh lives and are exposed to a number of violations from the host communities as well as militias and gunmen.

Women and children that end up living in the IDP camps occasionally face a number of violations such Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV), deprivation of food or rights to obtain humanitarian aid, children are exposed to child labour and are deprived from rights to go to school, the youth also are another vulnerable group that are affected by the general crisis.

Program Objective

  1. Protect and defend the rights of human beings
  2. Focuses on vulnerable people, women, the poor, minority clans and victims of human rights abuses.
  3. Promote investigative processes related to human rights abuses and supporting restorative processes in conflict resolution.
  4. The project promote respect for all human rights and identify victims of human rights violations
  5. Effective advocacy with relevant stakeholders and parties to conflict to promote adherence and human rights law, with emphasis on humanitarian concerns.
  6. Community capacity enhanced for protection of the most vulnerable and To contribute to the knowledge and understanding of social justice advocacy
  7. Committed to addressing the causes and consequences of inequality, poverty, social exclusion and discrimination
  8. Build a society that is founded on the principles of justice, equality, human rights, human dignity and social inclusion
  9. Facilitate the availability of conducive, environment for durable solutions for protracted displaced populations