The educational system of Somalia was completely destroyed after the collapse of the Somali central government in 1991, we believe that promoting education is one of the most important means to overcome and fight ignorance and poverty, with this in mind, theOrganization continues to renovate old and abandoned schools, build new schools and operate and manage schools, cultural centers and institutions. Because of our work, tens of thousands of children are able to attend these schools in various regions of Somalia.

Program Objectives

  1. The Overall objective of the program is to increase education opportunities for poor and marginalized children, youth, women and their families, contribute to thriving, peaceful societies in Somalia
  2. Increased Education opportunities for all relevant age-groups in south central Somalia and north eastern Kenya
  3. Construction and renovating of class rooms, toilet blocks and other educational facilities to provide  safe and supporting learning environment
  4. Increase access to sustainable water services to schools
  5. Increase enrolment and retention of school going population (aged between 5-18 years) with emphasis on gender equity and inclusiveness; while address socio-cultural barriers that hinder the enrolment of girls and children with special needs through community mobilization and sensitization, and by combating violence in the school place.
  6. Supply adequate and relevant basic education materials supplies.
  7. To provide psychological support need of IDP teachers, children including counseling and training