The groups identified droughts, floods, extreme high temperatures and strong winds to be the major climate related hazards that they experience. A sectoral approach was taken to understand the vulnerabilities to drought and flood within each sector, while also focusing on the particular impacts to vulnerable groups.


Program Objectives

  1. Providing a strong focus on empowering youth to take an active role in the solutions to environmental challenges.
  2. Educate communities about climate change and raise awareness and understanding of climate change
  3. Empowering communities to observe how weather and climate affect their environment.
  4. Plans to reduce vulnerability to, and increase benefits from, the impacts of climate change
  5. To work co-operatively across organizational, regional and sectoral boundaries to deliver robust adaptation
  6. To invest in additional water resources to cope with dry period
  7. Educate community Information relating to flood risk – land use trade-offs e.g. planning guidance