Human Development Center (HDC) initially  known as Women Empowerment Initiative (WEI) was founded in January 2006 in  Mogadishu, South central Somalia and North Eastern Province Kenya  as humanitarian and development organization by a group of  Somali leaders who were  a committed to improving  the living standards, level of decision making ,quality of lives of people in various  communities by  providing a spectrum of services that support, guide, and educate  Million people, the purpose is to provide sustainable livelihoods intervention opportunities to support the most vulnerable communities  especially girl child ,women by promoting economic, political and social right of the people  both in the urban and rural areas of South-Central Somalia and North Eastern part of Kenya consequently  they will have access to better education, Women empowerment ,adequate primary health care, and youth development, respect the ideals of human rights, peace,  community development, livelihood skills, social justice

The organization is registered under the Somali Interior Ministry in the Department of Humanitarian Affairs. The vulnerable communities in HDC targeted areas and Somalis in general live in extremely poor and under-developed conditions The organization also targets women and children, the most vulnerable members of the society HDC has a number of programs that address large number of issues that face the community including  youth development ,capacity building skills, women empowerment through civic education, access to education, ,social entrepreneurship,  ,environmental protection, human Right, nutrition , agriculture and livelihood programs , food security and nutrition program,  livestock management, social justice ,advocacy and campaigns, primary  health care, research, climate change ,water and sanitations, children protection, cross cutting issues :peace building and reconciliations, Protection and respond of gender base violence, FGM, gender equality, to make these initiatives effective HDC works  side-by-side a with the pastoral communities at large to identify core problems throughout Contra Costa.  The process enables HDC to provide a safe and supportive environment, empower people and promote their positive growth

HDC recognizes the problems Somali people face in a country whose history is characterized by a decade-long civil war The founders responded to the urgent need of Somali people and contributed into the emergency humanitarian crisis and development of their country rehabilitation and reconstruction after years of destructive conflicts and successive droughts and famines which led to the total collapse of socio-economic and political institutions. HDC earned the respect of the Somali community and is able to efficiently and successfully penetrate the grassroots, even in times when international organizations are unable to do so

HDC aims to build confidence, raise self-esteem and empower the community we work with to participate fully in their own affair and decision making to facilitate community based projects. This is aimed to exploit the natural and human resources available in the region while sustaining and improving the environment for the benefit of the habitants and their livestock. The organization aims to bring together the local community with their expertise and experience and the development agencies with their resource to confront ignorance, diseases, poor livestock husbandry, environmental degradation and the resultant poverty and backwardness.

HDC forms the basis for networking with other civil society organization both at the Local and international level to create a resource centre and a forum for discussion; exchange ideas on problems affecting the pastoral community. While also Integrate the existing projects for improvement on proper healthcare and the living standards towards self-employment opportunities and initiate food self-sufficiency strategies and funding.

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