HDC applies Sustainable Livelihoods approaches that provide a structure for addressing poverty and vulnerability in both development and humanitarian contexts. They have emerged from the growing realization of the need to put the poor and all aspects of their lives and means of living at the centre of development and humanitarian work, HDC will continue to uphold solidarity with the poor and marginalized, especially women and the girl child. It will also continue to intensify its commitment to freedom of poor women and girl child from the bonds of poverty, discrimination and social injustices. This implies that respect for human rights, gender sensitivity, respect for religious norms, integrity, willful and voluntary participation of community in its programs forms the core values of HDC

Sustainable livelihoods objectives aim to increase the sustainability of poor people’s livelihoods through promoting:

  • Improved access to high-quality education, information, technologies and training and better nutrition and health;
  • A more supportive and cohesive social environment;
  • More secure access to, and better management of, natural resources;
  • Better access to basic and facilitating infrastructure;

More secure access to financial resources; a policy and institutional environment that supports multiple livelihood strategies and promotes equitable access to competitive markets for all.